Lackawanna College Sports Medicine

The forms listed below are REQUIRED DOCUMENTS in order to participate on an athletic team here at Lackawanna College.  The following MUST be completed prior to your arrival to campus and handed in to the Sports Medicine Staff. To obtain copies of the documents required in lines 1 through 3 and 5 through 6, click on the document title which will link you to the reqiuired PDF form. 

  1. Pre-Participation Medical History 
  2. Pre-Participation Doctors Evaluation Form *Must be completed by family physician
  3. Standard Operations & Clearance Acknowledgment
  4. Sickle Cell Form and Waiver
  5. Acknowledgment of Insurance
  6. Emergency Contact Form
  7. Student-Athlete Consent/Authorization Form (HIPPA)

Carefully read over these documents and sign/initial/date where needed.


Thank you.